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How It Started:

In 2019, our Daughter Riley qualified to compete in the National Archery Championships in Louisville, KY. To cover travel costs, we organized a good ol’ fashioned bake sale. The entire family kicked into high gear: Riley and I baked, my wife Karen and son Alex created signs and posters. All of us sat for hours gift-wrapping everything. We sold loaves of bread and cookies to neighbors, friends, and colleagues at the AISD headquarters in downtown Austin.  

The response was overwhelming! We raised enough money to cover the entire trip in only a few weeks and Riley had a wonderful experience at the national archery tournament. Win-win.  

Riley bow.jpg

PAUL MCGARITY - The Family Baker


And the crowd chanted, “more, more!” 

While the archery tournament was over, we quickly realized the bake sale fans wanted more! Orders for sweet treats kept rolling in, so we went with it. Our bake sales developed into a certified “cottage bakery”** and we gave it a name to honor where it began…Bullseye Bakery.  

Where we are now… 

It’s 2023 and we’re now baking full time! Everything we make is produced in a commercial kitchen space, which has allowed us to expand our menu and deliver to several businesses around Austin. We're also regulars at various Markets around town - follow us on Instagram for dates! 


We’re excited to share our sweet treats & family story with you. Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you find something you want to try! 

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